On and Off and On again…

Hello online world!

The past few weeks have been nerve wrecking. I have had to live without facebook, without whatsup, without instagram, without anything…It’s been tough, but I managed to survive.

We have not had an internet connection for quite a while. Until last week. Today, I officially got WiFi again.

We have been doing some home renovations. It hasn’t been pretty. The floors have been nasty. The furniture has been covered in sheets that were once white (yea, not a bright idea), and the air has permanently turned dusty.

The kitchen is now somewhat usable again. I’m sure it is happy to be used again. It was off-limits for a while, then we took a 4-day break and got things cleaned up. I made 2 to 3 meals a day just in case the kitchen became off-limits again. I froze all the extra meals. I was tired of take-out. Our last day of eating out was on Saturday. Yesterday, we ate at our pastor’s home. Today we’re eating at home.

The renovations are not done, BUT the floors are cleaned. The shower stall has been scrubbed clean and the tables and chairs and other pieces of furniture have been brought back to the room they’re supposed to be in. My husband has an ear infection and so we’ll be taking yet another break from renovating (which is so nice).

And so I’m online again. I will be visiting the grocery store later today and visiting this blog again tomorrow.

Oh how I’ve missed you all!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great Monday!!!! 🙂


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