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Hello 2014!

Happy new year everyone!!! I hope 2014 brings many blessings to everyone out there. 

The last few months of 2013 were very stressful for my family. Many changes have happened. We’re excited about some of the changes and yet terrified about others. Life has not happened as we “planned”. Well at least, we never thought certain things would happen to us. But nonetheless, things happen and we must face them.

Jake & Oso


The last month has been the toughest for my immediate family, especially my mom. I must say though, she’s a very strong woman. I think if I had been in her shoes, I would’ve shriveled up in my bed and wished for everything to go away. Some days, I really don’t know where she gets her strength. Everyday she dedicates her day to the Lord and tells me everything will be ok.

Jake and the berries


I don’t think I got much sleep last night. I must have woken up every 20 minutes or so. The dogs (Jake & Oso) didn’t sleep much either, but unlike me, they had a lot of energy in the morning. When we stepped outside, the sidewalks, trees and roads were covered in a blanket of snow. It was still somewhat untouched. I felt so privileged to be among the first to be walking on the oh-so-perfect-snow-covered-sidewalk.  I couldn’t believe our street and surroundings could still look so pretty after the horrible ice storm we had mid-December. I was in awe, in complete amazement.



Then it hit me, if God can make things so beautiful even after all the damage the ice storm brought, then certainly, He could make our lives flourish after this storm passes too. I felt even more confident and less stressed with every step I took this morning. Everything outside looked a thousand times better. I wasn’t just happy. I felt joy. The air was nice and crisp. The snow was white and crunchy. The boys were exuberant. Everything was as it was supposed to be. We walked for over three hours this morning and I believe we could have walked for the whole day.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy new year!!!!

And yet another Friday the 13th

When I was a kid, Friday the 13th involved huddling under our dinning room table (it was covered by a long, droopy tablecoth), re-telling all the versions of La Casa Matusita (silly legend about a haunted house in Lima, Peru), and holding a flashlight under our chins as we told the story of Maria Marimacha. 

Our days as kids growing up in Peru seem so far away…and I still don’t understand why we were so obsessed with these stories. They seemed pretty frightful when I was a kid; I remember not being able to sleep after hearing the Maria Marimacha stories. And if I didn’t get any sleep, nobody would. My mom would get upset with me and my siblings for telling scary stories; in turn, my siblings would get upset with me for not sleeping and getting them in trouble. You’d think I would learn my lesson, but at the next Friday the 13th, I would be with all the other kids huddling under the dinning room table, telling stories and biting my nails. Stubborn, I know.

This Friday the 13th I’ll be hanging out with the boys (Jake & Oso) and eating popcorn. Yum!

Let me leave you all with an oh-so-frightful-but-cute-yet-intimidating picture of Jake as a puppy…because really, when else would I get a justifiable opportunity to share this pic?

Scary PupThanks for stopping by and have a GREAT weekend!


ImageOsito had a vet’s appointment about two weeks ago. There was nothing wrong with him; he just needed his annual check-up. Osito is the kind of dog you just can’t help but love. He really loves his human companions but needs a lot of love too. He is very playful but likes his alone time as well.

He’s been described as being noble; he’s very kind and humble.

You’re probably wondering how could a dog have these characteristics, well, it is possible. Osito is the kind of dog who will sit down and cry with you. The kind of dog who will let a 2-year old treat him as a horsey for as long as she wanted. The kind of dog who will lay by your feet when you’re sick without asking to go out for a walk. Osito really knows how to win your heart.

I’m not saying he’s perfect. He’s not. He has a deep admiration for garbage containers. He has an unmatched curiosity for food on tables. He has a keen ability for re-locating shoes. But, even though he’s a bit mischievous, he’s still more lovable!

It might the big brown eyes. Or it might be that big heart of his. But Osito has won our hearts.


Since the vet appointment, I’ve changed Osito’s diet and exercise routine. He has gained some weight and the vet wants him to lose a few pounds. She says it will prevent issues such as diabetes and arthritis.

I’ve decreased his dog food intake and increased his protein intake ie. chicken, eggs, turkey, salmon. He’s also eating more often – he went from twice a day to three times a day to four times a day. He wears a backpack with two water bottles during our evening walks. And we’ve been trying to jog during our morning walks.

Osito will be 5 in August of this year. It seems like it was just yesterday when we all drove to Orillia, Ontario to pick him up. He’s come such a long way both physically and figuratively. He had to learn a lot of things, including that he will always have food and there was no need to devour everything in sight.

When he was 2 he growled at another dog. I instantly started training him on how to socialize with other dogs. He learned so quickly and was soon socializing with every dog we met. Then the spring before he turned 4, he got attacked by another dog. It was scary. I ended up on the ground, bleeding. Thankfully, Jake got in between Osito and the other dog. They weren’t hurt. The other dog owner was an elderly woman who unfortunately, still walks this dog who growls and tries to attack every dog that passes by. After the attack, Osito wasn’t the same. He wasn’t playful. He didn’t want to go out for walks. He wouldn’t stop to say ‘hi’ to friends. Instead, if a dog got too close, he would growl.

He’s worked hard the past year to get back to the true Osito self. He doesn’t growl at dogs anymore. He plays with any other dog who wants to play, and if a dog growls or barks at him, he ignores it. When he’s with friends, they gently lick each others face and rest next to each other after a run or a play-fight.

Osito is a very smart doggie who willingly gives a lot of love and patience but also needs some back.

Today, he ran a full 2.1 kilometres non-stop. I couldn’t be prouder. He is improving every day. He is a happy doggy and now a healthier one.

Osito is really going the distance.


Winter Days

Hello Everyone!

WinterBushI didn’t think I would be here posting but I am. I haven’t been feeling well at all. Don’t get me wrong, I never get sick…I’m just feeling a little bit under the weather. We’ve been having some mighty (did I just say mighty?) cold days at this end of the world. This weather is just not wanting to warm up – even though that little groundhog (what’s his name? Willie?) said we would be having an early spring. If that’s the case then Mr. Winter is saying quite the goodbye!

Just a couple of weeks ago we were hit with a snow storm…and it just hasn’t stopped since then. I woke up to -20 degree weather this morning. Fortunately, the weekend promises to be a lot warmer than today!

TBoysCoveredhe boys don’t seem to mind all the snow we’ve been getting. If anything they love it! Jake, refuses to go to bed at night if its snowing out. He would much rather spend as much time as he can just laying out in the backyard, letting snow flakes cover his whitish-grey body.

SnowyJakeOso is not into JUST laying outside. If he’s out there, then you bet he’s going to try to play and “attack” his brother. But then again, Oso’s not fond of cold weather…at least not as much as Jake is. In fact I was quite shocked Oso went out for a walk with me and Jake, during the snow storm. He usually doesn’t. If it’s REALLY REALLY snowing out, he just stays in. He wont come when I call to get his leash on. He just makes himself comfortable by my mothers feet.

I managed to do some baking yesterday evening. Nothing warms you up faster than the heat of an oven and the delicious aroma of banana bread! I wasn’t really feeling like doing anything; but my hands were cold and the bananas I had bought on Sunday had developed quite a few brown spots. It was destiny! I will be posting the recipe shortly!

Thanks for stopping by…and stay warm 🙂

Meet Oso

HTC MOBILE 515This is Oso!

He came into my life about 4 years ago. He is not only a great brother to Jake, my Siberian Husky, but also a great pet to my family.

When Jake was about 5 months old I realized he needed a brother – he had a lot of energy and walking him 5 to 6 hours a day just wasn’t cutting it. One Saturday, while at the dog park, I encountered a peculiar husky – all white, except the tip of his tail was black. After talking to the husky’s owner I found out that she had adopted her husky from a reputable shelter; he had a few issues but nothing too concerning.

Oso playing in the snowA couple of days later I contacted the shelter, Moosonee Puppy Rescue, and expressed my interest in adopting a dog. I knew I wanted a dog who needs a lot of exercise, preferably another husky. After talking with Sharon and meeting Paul (he came to meet Jake and do a house inspection) I was rejected. But did not give up!

Paul explained that while Jake was a good dog and had a friendly disposition, he still had a few bad habits(he was still jumping on people). Those would have to be addressed  before bringing a new pup into our pack; if not, the new pup would pick up Jake’s bad habits which would make things twice as hard for me.

So I got to work.

I kept in contact with the shelter and worked my bum off into making Jake the most obedient dog in the whole wide world. Or at least the one with the BEST manners.

The boys hanging outThen, after looking at Moosonee Puppy Rescue’s Petfinder page, I contacted Sharon again. Paul came to the house accompanied by the cutest little puppies, among them Oso (although at the time his name was Johnny Come Lately).

This little, dopey puppy did not hide behind Paul’s legs, or ran away when you tried to pet him. Instead, he gave himself a tour of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. He also helped himself to Jake’s water bowl. And then playfully “attacked” Jake in the face. It was destiny. They were meant to be together for life.

Oso did not stay behind that day. A week and a half later, we drove 1.5 hours to pick him up. He laid on my friend’s lap for most of the ride but then moved to the back sit to lay next to Jake. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Thanks for stopping by, have a GREAT weekend!!

ps. Oso is Spanish for Bear 😉