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DIY: Math Notebook



These past few days have been a bit busy for me, but I still managed to finish up a few projects! My 3-year old niece has started school; she only goes for a couple of hours per day but she still loves it. In order to keep her busy throughout the day, I created some homework for her. She LOVES homework.

I picked up a couple of lined 80-page notebooks from Walmart a few weeks ago. They had some good deals during back-to-school sales. I got the notebooks at $0.10 each! Awesome right?!

Math NotebookAs you can see, I decorated the front of each notebook with scrapbooking paper. I picked up the ‘Art’ notebook at Value Village earlier this summer. I got a bundle of colourful and printer papers + 4 notebooks for $0.99; not bad huh?! To finish off the covers, I sprayed them with Krylon Low Odour Clear Finish. I figured since the notebooks were going to be handled by a 3-year old, they should be kid-proof and dirty-hands proof. I think they’re ok. My sister has already wiped off strawberry yogurt from one of them.

Since I wanted to use sharpie markers in this notebook and I knew my niece would be using colourful markers, I decided on gluing every two pages together to make one page. Every number got about 3 to 4 pages of activities, with an additional 3-4 review pages after #3, #6 and #10. I will be starting another book with numbers 10 to 20 plus a review of 1-10. I might have to use a 120-page notebook this time around.

These are some of the pages from the math notebook!

number1 Number Snake IMAG2239_1


IMAG2241_1 IMAG2237_1_1

I used some of my stamps in this notebook. It seemed like a better idea instead of just drawing shapes. Although I’m sure my niece would have enjoyed counting circles too! Plus, my niece is already familiar with her shapes. I made her a shapes and colours notebook when she was 2 years old.

IMAG2245_1_1 Monkey Numbers

These pages are by far my favourite!!! [I got to do more stamping!]. Here’s a downloadable link to the Zoo Counting image to the left. It is in pdf format…hopefully someone out there can use it! And here is another link to the Monkey Numbers image on the right – also in pdf format.

If anyone out there wants more pdf print-outs pls let me know!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂