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DIY Wedding Garter

Hello Everyone!

As mentioned in my previous post, I got married. It was a very small, very intimate wedding. It felt a lot more like an elopement since we kept it quiet and only told the 10 people who joined us that morning. Everyone else found out afterward, either through personal messaging or via facebook.

We really didn’t do much for the ceremony. We got married outside at the top of a mountain, so we left the decorations up to mother nature. The bouquet was made by the pastor’s wife. She really didn’t like my idea of making it the night before. And to be honest, the bouquet she made was 100 times better than the one I would have had to whip up the night before.

We didn’t send invitations, but we did send thank you cards to the people who missioned it out to Milton, and hiked up the trails to the awesome lookout point we had selected. The thank you cards were a DIY project which I managed to complete 2 days before the ceremony. I also managed to put together a very small hair piece and a bridal garter (which I forgot about and never got to use, now my niece uses it as a headband).

bridal garter DIYI took to pinterest before attempting to make one. I looked at various pics for inspiration. I knew I didn’t want the very popular lace band – I wanted something different. I had one problem though…all my things were already packed and all my boxes were already on route to Nova Scotia. So I worked with the very few materials I had left in my last-minute bags. This particular one was my inspiration (it is 100 times sweeter than the one I created! It is just lovely!)

The fabric for the flower came from a christening gown I had found at goodwill a while ago. I didn’t pack it since I had it on my “donate” pile. I followed a tutorial from The Polka Dot Closet for the flower. I ended up making 3 flowers. I figured I might as well just use up the piece I had cut up from the gown. One of the flowers was used in my hair clip. As you can see, I did not use sheer fabric on my flower. I quickly decided and convinced myself I would survive and be ok with using just one type of fabric.

Bridal garter DIYI wanted some pink on the garter and decided to make a tiny little pink bow. I had a tiny little heart from a necklace I quickly deconstructed and sewed it onto the pink bow. The flower centre came from Michaels. Thank goodness I hadn’t packed the items that were never put away in my craft room! (See the pink one in the above picture? I ended up using that one in my hair clip)

romantic garter At first I was very apprehensive about using just regular old elastic for the band. I didn’t want a lace band, but I wanted something a little bit prettier. After 2+ hours of not working on this project, I decided the elastic would just have to do. I convinced myself it would look just as good as the inspiration if I added some pearls!

I went a little wild and decided to add a bit of the chain from the necklace. It works great I think because it is dainty and not chunky at all! In order to get the right length of elastic, I simply wrapped it around my thigh and made sure it fit snug before cutting it. I then sewed up the two ends together making sure the elastic did not get twisted up. Then I put on the elastic band and decided where the pearls and chain would go. I also sewed those onto the elastic. Finally I sewed on the bow and the flower. Making sure both items covered any stitches from the previous step.

romantic garterI am quite happy with the way it turned out, even though I forgot to wear it! (It was a hectic day – We had the ceremony, then a small reception @ a restaurant, then drove mom & brother to airport, then packed up car and started road trip to Nova Scotia). Maybe I’ll wear it for our 1 year anniversary…if I ever get it back from my niece! She loves it! She looks like a little 1920’s girl! It’s really sweet on her.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Hope you liked this little project!


DIY Tea Bags

Hello everyone!

I got a little crafty last night while watching a latino soap opera (El Color de la Pasion). I had seen tutorials on Pinterest on how to make tea bags out of coffee filters, and I just had to try it. I didn’t buy anything since I had everything at home. It was one of the easiest DIY’s I have done in a while. It did take me a little over an hour to finish making the 8 bags of tea; I think that if you use a sewing machine, 8 bags could be done in a matter of minutes.

tea bags

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • coffee filters
  • scissors
  • needle and thread (or sewing machine)
  • loose leaf tea
  1. I started by straightening out my coffee filters and then folding them in half twice. You will get 4 layers.
  2. You can eyeball this part, but if you have already bought tea in tea bags, grab one and use that as template. I had both square and circular ones. I decided to go with the square ones this time around.
  3. Cut out your squares. Make sure that one of the sides of the squares is the folded edge (less sewing). You should have 2 pieces which will turn into 2 bags.
  4. Then go ahead and sew up one side then, fill up your bag. I added about 1 tsp of tea to my bags, and continue sewing all the way around.
  5. Repeat with your other bags and enjoy a nice cup of tea!

There are different ways of making your own tea bags. I have seen tutorials where sewing is not needed and all you need are coffee filters, tea, and a stapler like this tutorial here. I don’t mind sewing so I think I will be doing something like this next time! The hearts are just so cute!!

Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for my “Try it Out Tuesday” post. My brother asked me to make a fruity dessert…so far, I am thinking mangoes! I have about 3 hours before dinnertime so hopefully I can come up with something good and tasty! 🙂

Getting Ready for Christmas: Felt ornaments

Princess and I have been a bit busy figuring out our Christmas decor – what we want, where we want it, what to make, what colours to use, etc. I really wanted her to be involved in all our Christmas planning. I decided she might enjoy making some ornaments. We both browsed through pinterest and decided on felt ornaments. We had picked up a few colouring books at the local dollar store, and decided to trace the tree and the snowman to use as our patterns.


Princess really enjoyed designing the ornaments. I gave her a limited number of beads and buttons and she decided where each little bead would go. I did not machine stitch these ornaments for 2 reasons; 1. It would have been boring for princess if I had sat down at the sewing machine and 2. It would have taken super long to get the sewing machine out and set up and whatnot.


We’re still working on our candy cane ornament and angel ornament. Princess likes to come up with new things for me to make. Yesterday we worked on diapers for her baby doll. We’ll finish up our ornaments today…the tree is getting set-up tomorrow!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Princess will be up from her nap soon…have a GREAT weekend!! 🙂

DIY: Math Notebook



These past few days have been a bit busy for me, but I still managed to finish up a few projects! My 3-year old niece has started school; she only goes for a couple of hours per day but she still loves it. In order to keep her busy throughout the day, I created some homework for her. She LOVES homework.

I picked up a couple of lined 80-page notebooks from Walmart a few weeks ago. They had some good deals during back-to-school sales. I got the notebooks at $0.10 each! Awesome right?!

Math NotebookAs you can see, I decorated the front of each notebook with scrapbooking paper. I picked up the ‘Art’ notebook at Value Village earlier this summer. I got a bundle of colourful and printer papers + 4 notebooks for $0.99; not bad huh?! To finish off the covers, I sprayed them with Krylon Low Odour Clear Finish. I figured since the notebooks were going to be handled by a 3-year old, they should be kid-proof and dirty-hands proof. I think they’re ok. My sister has already wiped off strawberry yogurt from one of them.

Since I wanted to use sharpie markers in this notebook and I knew my niece would be using colourful markers, I decided on gluing every two pages together to make one page. Every number got about 3 to 4 pages of activities, with an additional 3-4 review pages after #3, #6 and #10. I will be starting another book with numbers 10 to 20 plus a review of 1-10. I might have to use a 120-page notebook this time around.

These are some of the pages from the math notebook!

number1 Number Snake IMAG2239_1


IMAG2241_1 IMAG2237_1_1

I used some of my stamps in this notebook. It seemed like a better idea instead of just drawing shapes. Although I’m sure my niece would have enjoyed counting circles too! Plus, my niece is already familiar with her shapes. I made her a shapes and colours notebook when she was 2 years old.

IMAG2245_1_1 Monkey Numbers

These pages are by far my favourite!!! [I got to do more stamping!]. Here’s a downloadable link to the Zoo Counting image to the left. It is in pdf format…hopefully someone out there can use it! And here is another link to the Monkey Numbers image on the right – also in pdf format.

If anyone out there wants more pdf print-outs pls let me know!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂