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Afternoon Walks

siberian husky doggy relaxing on snow lazy winter days siberian husky



ImageOsito had a vet’s appointment about two weeks ago. There was nothing wrong with him; he just needed his annual check-up. Osito is the kind of dog you just can’t help but love. He really loves his human companions but needs a lot of love too. He is very playful but likes his alone time as well.

He’s been described as being noble; he’s very kind and humble.

You’re probably wondering how could a dog have these characteristics, well, it is possible. Osito is the kind of dog who will sit down and cry with you. The kind of dog who will let a 2-year old treat him as a horsey for as long as she wanted. The kind of dog who will lay by your feet when you’re sick without asking to go out for a walk. Osito really knows how to win your heart.

I’m not saying he’s perfect. He’s not. He has a deep admiration for garbage containers. He has an unmatched curiosity for food on tables. He has a keen ability for re-locating shoes. But, even though he’s a bit mischievous, he’s still more lovable!

It might the big brown eyes. Or it might be that big heart of his. But Osito has won our hearts.


Since the vet appointment, I’ve changed Osito’s diet and exercise routine. He has gained some weight and the vet wants him to lose a few pounds. She says it will prevent issues such as diabetes and arthritis.

I’ve decreased his dog food intake and increased his protein intake ie. chicken, eggs, turkey, salmon. He’s also eating more often – he went from twice a day to three times a day to four times a day. He wears a backpack with two water bottles during our evening walks. And we’ve been trying to jog during our morning walks.

Osito will be 5 in August of this year. It seems like it was just yesterday when we all drove to Orillia, Ontario to pick him up. He’s come such a long way both physically and figuratively. He had to learn a lot of things, including that he will always have food and there was no need to devour everything in sight.

When he was 2 he growled at another dog. I instantly started training him on how to socialize with other dogs. He learned so quickly and was soon socializing with every dog we met. Then the spring before he turned 4, he got attacked by another dog. It was scary. I ended up on the ground, bleeding. Thankfully, Jake got in between Osito and the other dog. They weren’t hurt. The other dog owner was an elderly woman who unfortunately, still walks this dog who growls and tries to attack every dog that passes by. After the attack, Osito wasn’t the same. He wasn’t playful. He didn’t want to go out for walks. He wouldn’t stop to say ‘hi’ to friends. Instead, if a dog got too close, he would growl.

He’s worked hard the past year to get back to the true Osito self. He doesn’t growl at dogs anymore. He plays with any other dog who wants to play, and if a dog growls or barks at him, he ignores it. When he’s with friends, they gently lick each others face and rest next to each other after a run or a play-fight.

Osito is a very smart doggie who willingly gives a lot of love and patience but also needs some back.

Today, he ran a full 2.1 kilometres non-stop. I couldn’t be prouder. He is improving every day. He is a happy doggy and now a healthier one.

Osito is really going the distance.