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Hello world,

how many of you in the EST timezone who are not working nor waking up to a hungry baby are still awake at this hour? (4:55am) Although a thought has just entered my mind…there might be some people who are waking up just now or who have already woken up to start their work day. Well to all of you keeping me company during one of those days when I just cant seem to close my eyes…WELCOME!

THIS is my first blog post and YES I am quite excited! I am not happy with the look of it. I am content with it however…just not ecstatic!

When I was a little girl, I remember one night I had a horrible horrible dream. I was a tree and was covered in sugar somehow. I couldn’t move; I was firmly rooted into the ground, and my arms were stretch out on my sides as branches and I couldn’t move them. Then all of a sudden an army of ants climbed my trunk swarming all over me until I was completely taken by them. They wanted the sugar.

At that point I screamed quite loudly over and over again. It was hopeless; I was a tree and as hard as I tried, no sound would come out of my mouth.

My sister who heard my screams in real, came running into my bedroom and finally shook me out of that crippling nightmare. When I asked her what she was doing awake, she simply answered “insomnia”. According to answers.com insomnia is defined as the

“Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time.”

well my sister always had issues with falling asleep and now I thought it was my time. FALSE ALARM though. it is now 5:20 and my are eyes closing. I am officially tired. Thanks for stopping by and dont be shy…come back!