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It’s Valentine’s Day: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hello Everyone!

Love is in the air! I had completely forgotten about Valentine’s day. I woke up and did my devotional as usual. Then all of a sudden, a call. No one EVER calls me at 6 a.m. It was the dude. The call lasted a good 20 seconds since he was just getting ready to leave for work. The thought of calling was quite nice since we wont get to see each other today…unless one of us decides to take a 3-hour flight. It’s not going to happen. But regardless, it is valentine’s day!! In Peru, Feb. 14th is referred to as the Day of Love and Friendship. So today is the day to show extra love to the people and pets who matter most!

I am not usually a last-minute type of person, so I already sent my Valentine’s day gift to the dude about two weeks ago. I had forgotten about it until he told me he received it this week. I would’ve forgotten to send it since I finished it during the Christmas holidays, but thankfully I had set a reminder on my cellphone 🙂 Hopefully I can be this organized once we’re actually together. But in case I’m not (I am just baking Jake & Oso’s valentine’s day cookies), I have come up with a list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas!


  • State Fair Funnel Cake – Not only does this seem like a super easy treat to whip up, but it can easily be adapted into a vegan recipe. Bonus!
  • Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Cookies – This recipe may seem complicated but it actually comes together quite easily. Remember though, to leave enough time – at least 1 hour – to refrigerate the dough!
  • Strawberry Nutella Stacked French Toast – This one is for all the Nutella lovers out there! I love Nutella. I’ve been known to eat it like ice cream, all I need is a spoon. The dude doesn’t like Nutella at all, but one year, he stuck a jar of Nutella in my stocking – that’s how I knew he was a keeper! 😉


There is a plethora of tutorials for handmade cards and gifts out there, and by out there I mean Pinterest. It is through Pinterest that I found The Dating Divas. They have some sweet ideas! Here’s a couple:

  • Step Card Tutorial – Do not be intimidated! The instructions are clear and the finished product is awesome! Plus, you can finish it in no time – I think it took me about 1 hour to get it done!
  • Library Checkout Card – This is good for those of us who remember specific dates. Actually, I didn’t remember specifics until I made this. I knew the dude remembered, so I kinda got the info out of him without him realizing I didn’t know the answers. He loved this library card! Oh, and you can print your own library card and pocket from How to Nest for Less!
  • Paper Basket – I love this cute little basket! Kristen from Down Home Inspiration created it to hold mini muffins. I just made this last night for my sister. She’s not the type to bake or craft anything. She would rather just buy something. However, she does like to spend a little bit more time on presentation/packaging. She bought her boyfriend a couple of smaller things (protein bars, gum, cool pens etc) to give him this morning. Then she filled out the pockets of the basket with all the things she bought. She texted me to tell me he loved it all!


And if you’re not into baking or crafting, then this website might just be for you! You can write your story with Storybird and then either order it as a book to have forever or e-mail it to whoever you want. I have yet to try out Storybird, but it has great reviews! AND you can write a story about anything and anyone! I am thinking of doing this for each one of my siblings – we have experienced some unforgettable moments in our lives that should be written about. I might even do it for mother’s day just because my mom is awesome!

Have a happy Valentine’s day everyone and a lovely weekend!!

I hope you all spend the day with the ones you love!