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Nutella Pockets – World Nutella Day

Today is special day for all nutella lovers…it is world nutella day! In keeping with the festivities I wanted to try out a simple yet delicious treat nutella pockets.

All you need is a jar of nutella and crescent rolls.

  1. Roll out your crescent rolls as per package instructions
  2. Drop a spoonful of nutella on every piece of dough
  3. Fold in crescent rolls – sort of like making a pocket
  4. Pinch all sides to prevent any oozing out


I sprinkled a bit of sugar and cinnamon before putting in the oven…just follow crescent roll baking instructions.

These were great! I think next time I will skip the cinnamon and just sprinkle sugar…the taste of both the cinnamon and nutella was a bit too strong for my liking!

Thanks for stopping by and if you like nutella…then think about this awesome combo of ingredients and Try it Out! đŸ™‚