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Afternoon Walks

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Winter Days

Hello Everyone!

WinterBushI didn’t think I would be here posting but I am. I haven’t been feeling well at all. Don’t get me wrong, I never get sick…I’m just feeling a little bit under the weather. We’ve been having some mighty (did I just say mighty?) cold days at this end of the world. This weather is just not wanting to warm up – even though that little groundhog (what’s his name? Willie?) said we would be having an early spring. If that’s the case then Mr. Winter is saying quite the goodbye!

Just a couple of weeks ago we were hit with a snow storm…and it just hasn’t stopped since then. I woke up to -20 degree weather this morning. Fortunately, the weekend promises to be a lot warmer than today!

TBoysCoveredhe boys don’t seem to mind all the snow we’ve been getting. If anything they love it! Jake, refuses to go to bed at night if its snowing out. He would much rather spend as much time as he can just laying out in the backyard, letting snow flakes cover his whitish-grey body.

SnowyJakeOso is not into JUST laying outside. If he’s out there, then you bet he’s going to try to play and “attack” his brother. But then again, Oso’s not fond of cold weather…at least not as much as Jake is. In fact I was quite shocked Oso went out for a walk with me and Jake, during the snow storm. He usually doesn’t. If it’s REALLY REALLY snowing out, he just stays in. He wont come when I call to get his leash on. He just makes himself comfortable by my mothers feet.

I managed to do some baking yesterday evening. Nothing warms you up faster than the heat of an oven and the delicious aroma of banana bread! I wasn’t really feeling like doing anything; but my hands were cold and the bananas I had bought on Sunday had developed quite a few brown spots. It was destiny! I will be posting the recipe shortly!

Thanks for stopping by…and stay warm 🙂