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Windy days & Knitted headbands

According to the weather app on my cellphone, it is -27 degrees right now with winds blowing at 58km/h. The joy of winter. It is cold outside, very cold outside. I’m not a fan of snow blowing on my face, but we still went out for a walk as the boys were getting too energetic inside the house. I was hoping we would skip the evening walk, but that didn’t happen.

It is especially during winter time that I really appreciate my mother and her patience for teaching me how to knit. I knitted these headbands a little while ago, like at the beginning of winter. I’m very picky when it comes to buying hats, and I knew I would be needing something to keep my ears warm.

knitted headbands

They are quite simple to knit. It is the perfect project for a beginner.

Cast 15 stitches (black), 18 or 20 stitches (brown/beige) or as wide as you want. Then knit every row until you get it as long as you want. The final product should be snug because it will stretch with use. If you want to add buttonholes and don’t know how to add them, then you could follow this youtube tutorial. I found it to be fairly easy to follow. You could also just add buttons for decoration and completely sew them over the two layers. I added buttonholes but I almost never ever unbutton my headbands. They’re stretchy enough to just slip over my head.


Here’s how they look on. This pic was taken before going out for a walk with the boys. It’s a picture of me rocking my winter gear. I think this is the 2nd selfie I have ever taken. The things you gotta do when you have yet to train your dogs how to use a cellphone or camera.

The pink scarf was knitted by my awesome mom. It is nice and soft, plus it does it’s job at keeping me nice and cozy outside. I’ve already asked her to knit me another one…maybe a blue or grey one 🙂



And here’s my little model trying to stay cozy inside. This headband was not made for her. I made her another headband. A pretty one actually; I followed a nice lacy crochet pattern. I just thought princess makes a much better head model than me. And I was able to get closer to the headband for the picture!
I’ve been wearing both headbands and so far, I prefer the wider one; I can wear it with my hair up (as in the pic) or down (no pic). My mom likes the black headband. She says its not as bulky as the beige one. But, I think she feels that way because she has a smaller head, so it really comes down to proper sizing.

Now we’re ready for the cold and windy weather we’re expecting this weekend. It is freezing outside!!! And no one wants to get frostbite…trust me, it sucks! I am wondering though if I need to knit Oso some leg warmers…

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you all have a great weekend!


Knitted Bow Hair clips


Hello everyone!

I made a few hair clips last night. I just felt like knitting. I’ve been browsing Pinterest so much lately that it feels like I’m running out of yarn by just looking at all the pretty things I want to knit and crochet. I made a few bows for my niece, my sister (her mother), and my cousin. Now I just have to mail them.

Today…I discovered that I can edit pics on my cell phone! Cool huh? I’ve had it for almost a year and I just realized I can add frames to my pics. Its quite exciting! I’m already playing around with it (as you can see from pic above).

Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

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